Keytags and Keyrings

We have keytags and keyrings in a range of shapes, sizes and materials to brand with your name andother messages. Our range includes Extra Quality Keyfobs, Leather Backed, Metal Keyrings, Soft touch Vinyl, Clear Acrylic, Plastic Control Tag, and Stock Control Tags.

Number Plate Surrounds and Covers

These distinctive Number Plate Surrounds are made of ABS and are easily fixed to front and rear of all makes and models. Your name is distinctively screenprinted direct onto the surround using either a single or two-part message or slogan. You have the choice of a Standard 6 Digit Surround or Premium (Slimline) Surrounds.


These are screenprinted onto durable self-adhesive vinyl in white or clear and are designed to last in all weather conditions. We can also use different vinyl that will make them suitable for use in extreme heat or cold areas. Just let us know the end use and we can discuss and advise.


These are made from PVC,in a wide range of colours, printed with your dealership logo and message. Why not sell the back to some of your suppliers i.e. panel & paint shop, tyre brand, F&I suppliers etc. Doing this will result in the cost to you being very little.